“Wild and Chic: Emily Ratajkowski Flaunts Sculpted Abs in Animal Print Halter Top at Levi’s Brunch during Coachella”

Emily Ratajkowski is confident in her body and doesn’t hesitate to show it off. Recently, she was seen wearing a daring outfit at the Levi’s Brunch during Coachella. The 27-year-old model flaunted her toned midriff in a halter top with an animal print pattern. Her look was perfect for a sunny day out in the desert.

Stunner: Emily Ratajkowski, 27, was spotted in a revealing ensemble for the Levi's Brunch on Saturday

Emily Ratajkowski, the stunning 27-year-old actress, made quite an impression at the Levi’s Brunch on Saturday when she arrived in a daringly revealing outfit. The I Feel Pretty star showed off her toned midriff with a crop top that cut high on her torso. The attention was also drawn to her beautiful legs as she wore a pair of white denim pants that hugged her curves and emphasized her figure. To complete the scintillating look, she wore a pair of red high heel boots and left her long trademark brunette hair loose.

Rear view: Her pert derriere was on full display

From behind: Her shapely buttocks were fully exposed.

Taut: The Instagram model showcased her taut tummy in an animal print halter top for her sunny day out at the Coachella

Taut: The Instagram model showcased her taut tummy in an animal print halter top for her sunny day out at the Coachella

The Instagram influencer flaunted her toned abdomen while enjoying a sunny day at Coachella in an eye-catching animal print halter top.

Impressive: Daring to impress, the I Feel Pretty star flaunted her toned tummy as the top cut high on her torso

Wow factor: Showing off her confidence, the actress from I Feel Pretty proudly displayed her well-defined abs, wearing a crop top that was cut high on her midsection.

Leggy lady: Her gorgeous gams were thrust on center stage as the white denim pants were skintight and hugged her body

The woman’s long and attractive legs were the main attraction, showcased in a pair of white jeans that fit her like a glove.

Hair story: She finished off the scintillating look with a set of red high heel boots and kept her trademark brunette tresses long and loose

Hair anecdote: To complete her stunning ensemble, she donned a pair of vibrant red high heel boots and let her signature brown locks flow down freely. Hailey Baldwin opted for a full denim pairing with a matching jacket and jeans. She elevated her look with a delicate black lace top and adorned herself with an array of jewelry pieces. Alexis Ren, the popular magazine model who graced the covers of Maxim in both the US and Mexico, looked absolutely stunning in a chic black and white polka-dot dress at the event. Snoop Dogg flaunted his tattoos on his arm while sporting a red and white Levi’s tank top. He made his way up to the DJ booth for a lively set.

Coordinated: Hailey Baldwin went for double denim in a jacket and jeans, slipping into a black lace top and draping herself in jewelry

Hailey Baldwin opted for a matching denim jacket and jeans, perfectly coordinated from head to toe. She added a touch of elegance to the casual look by wearing a black lace top and accessorizing with various jewelry pieces.

Gorgeous: Magazine model Alexis Ren, who has covered Maxim in both the US and Mexico, rocked a black and white polka-dot dress at the fete

The stunning Alexis Ren, a well-known model who has graced the pages of Maxim in both the US and Mexico, looked amazing in a black and white polka-dot dress at the party. Karrueche Tran also looked fantastic as she flaunted her toned abs in a sleeveless white crop top and struck poses for the cameras. She completed her look with jeans, colorful shoes, and hoop earrings, with her hair styled in a ponytail. At the event, Karrueche was spotted enjoying the pool with her boyfriend Victor Cruz, who wore a T-shirt featuring the iconic late Tejano pop star Selena.

Fab: Karrueche Tran flashed her enviably chiseled midriff in a sleeveless white crop top as she posed up a storm for the cameras

Karrueche Tran showed off her toned midriff in a white sleeveless crop top, striking poses for the cameras. Darren Criss from Glee sported an open Hawaiian shirt paired with matching shorts, sporting olive green shoes and aviator shades. Joan Smalls tied up her pink top to reveal her neon yellow bra as she relaxed on a sofa. She was seen hanging out with Maeve Reilly, who wore a bright orange coat. Wiz Khalifa exuded style in a light blue t-shirt and navy cap, adding some sparkle to his attire with a shiny watch.

Radiant: She swept her hair back into a ponytail and accessorized with a pair of hoop earrings, rounding off the look with jeans and colorful shoes

Looking stunning, she gathered her hair and tied it up in a ponytail. She added an extra touch of sparkle to her appearance with the addition of hoop earrings. To complete the ensemble, she wore a pair of jeans and bright, vibrant shoes.

He's a fan: While poolside at the bash, she could be seen posing up a storm with her boyfriend Victor Cruz, who wore a T-shirt advertising the late Tejano pop icon Selena

At a recent pool party, Emily Ratajkowski was spotted posing for photos with her boyfriend, Victor Cruz, who wore a Selena t-shirt. This outing follows Emily’s defense of her husband, Sebastian Bear-McClard, who has been accused of not paying rent on their New York apartment through a loophole meant for struggling artists. Emily took to Twitter to defend her husband, stating that he is “fighting the good fight” by refusing to pay the $5,000 per month demanded for their loft conversion in the upscale Noho neighborhood.

Hunk: Glee star Darren Criss wore his Hawaiian shirt half-open over a pair of matching shorts, popping on aviator shades and olive green shoes

Darren Criss, famous for his role in Glee, rocked a funky and fashionable look by sporting a Hawaiian shirt that was left half-open. He paired the shirt with matching shorts, aviator shades, and olive green shoes, giving off a carefree and stylish vibe.

Legend: Snoop Dogg showed off his arm tattoos in a red and white Levi's tank top, which he wore as he headed up to the DJ booth for a set

Snoop Dogg flaunted his tattoos on his arms while donning a Levi’s tank top in red and white. He made his way to the DJ booth for his set. According to a post by his girlfriend, people assuming he is rich is far from the truth. Snoop Dogg grew up in the same neighborhood he currently lives in, and his parents, who are both artists, were forced to leave their homes in downtown New York due to rising property prices. The girlfriend also shared that she moved in with him a year ago and commends him for standing up against a real estate conglomerate that purchased the building they reside in for a whopping $40 million and has been spreading false information about its tenants for profit. She expressed her disappointment at how much NYC has changed and how people in creative fields are being pushed out of the city. Emily, Snoop Dogg’s girlfriend, previously revealed in August last year how she maintains her model-like physique after experiencing some personal growth in her late twenties.

Smoldering stare: Joan Smalls tied up her open pink top so that her neon yellow bra was visible underneath as she lounged on one of the sofas

Joan Smalls cast a seductive gaze as she donned an open pink top, which revealed her neon yellow bra. She was seen lounging on one of the comfortable sofas, looking effortlessly stylish.

Dynamic duo: She could be seen sidling up with stylist and costume designer Maeve Reilly, who was wrapped up in a bright orange coat

Power pair: Maeve Reilly, a costume designer and stylist, was spotted donning a striking orange coat while standing next to her companion.

Fashion maven: Wiz Khalifa was every inch the style icon in a pale blue tee and navy cap, adding a touch of dazzle to his look with a gleaming watch

A style guru, Wiz Khalifa, rocked a stylish outfit consisting of a pale blue t-shirt and navy cap. To further enhance his look, he accessorized with a shiny watch. Meanwhile, a model has revealed that she no longer indulges in large quantities of food like an entire pizza or Mexican cuisine. She also emphasizes the importance of self-care, especially as one grows older. According to her, taking care of oneself should not be taken for granted as it promotes overall well-being. She now makes it a habit to wash her face before sleeping, regardless of how tired she feels.


Emily has passionately defended her husband, Sebastian Bear McClard, who has been facing criticism over allegations that he is occupying a luxurious apartment in New York without paying rent.

Amandla in demin: Amandla Stenberg arrives in an all-denim ensemble

Amandla Stenberg rocks an all-denim outfit upon her arrival.

Denim design: Stenberg was wearing a denim top with wide leg light blue jeans and sneakers with red glasses

Stenberg opted for a trendy denim ensemble comprising of a denim top and light blue wide-leg jeans. To complete the look, they paired it with casual sneakers and accessorized with red glasses.

Ripped jeans: Jaden Smith rocks the ripped jeans look

Jaden Smith is slaying the fashion game with his effortlessly cool style, particularly when it comes to the ripped jeans trend. He knows how to make a statement with his fashion choices, and the edgy, distressed look of his denim adds just the right amount of attitude to his outfits. Whether he’s pairing them with a casual tee or dressing them up with a blazer, Jaden proves that ripped jeans never go out of style.

Luka mingling: Luke Sabbat mingles with Emily Ratajkowski and Hailey Bieber

Luka’s socializing: Luka Sabbat engages in conversations with Emily Ratajkowski and Hailey Bieber.

Lounging: Sabbat kicks back and relaxes

Unwinding: Sabbat takes it easy and lounges around.

Heart glasses: St. Vincent rocks heart glasses and a red top at the Levi's Brunch

St. Vincent looked absolutely stunning at the Levi’s Brunch, sporting a pair of heart-shaped glasses and a vibrant red top.

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